Used beverage cartons are recyclable, including the straw and caps. Don’t forget to start by
rinsing out those cartons to help keep away pests and odour. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Push the straw back in the empty pack or re-attach the cap after drinking.


Flip-Flap-Flat to flatten the carton before sending it for recycling.


Drop off the cartons at your nearest collection centre. Check out our list of drop-off points.





What are beverage cartons?
Beverage Cartons are a type of packaging for food and beverage products. They are easy to recognize and are available in ambient and chilled formats.

Beverage carton products in ambient format (you can find these products on the shelves of grocery stores).Beverage carton products in chilled format (you can find these products in the chilled sections of grocery stores).
Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk etc.Milk
Soup, Broth and other liquid food
Tea, coffee and other beverages
What are beverage cartons made from?

Beverage cartons are mainly made from paper in the form of paperboard, as well as thin layers of polyethylene (plastic) and/or aluminum. Beverage cartons in ambient format contain on average 75% paper, 20% plastic and 5% aluminum. Beverage cartons in chilled format contain about 80% paper and 20% polyethylene. The polyethelene and aluminum layers protect the contents inside the carton against outside moisture, oxygen and light to maintain the nutritional value and flavours of the content in the package in ambient temperatures.

Are beverage cartons recyclable?

Yes! All Tetra Pak carton packages, together with its openings and closures such as straws and caps, are recyclable!

Where can I recycle beverage cartons?

Click here to view all available drop-off points to drop off your used beverage cartons for recycling.

How do I recycle beverage cartons?

The entire Tetra Pak carton package, including the straws or caps are recyclable. Simply push the straw back in the pack or re-attach the cap after drinking, then Flip-Flap-Flat the carton before sending it for recycling. This helps reduce the amount of space the empty carton takes up and makes transportation more efficient.

Do I need to remove the cap or straw when recycling my beverage cartons?

The entire Tetra Pak carton package, including the straws or caps are recyclable. Simply push the straw back in or re-attach the cap after drinking, then Flip-Flap-Flat the carton before sending it for recycling. This helps reduce the amount of space the empty carton takes up and makes transportation more efficient.

Do I need to rinse my used beverage cartons?

If you’re at home or office, we would recommend for you to rinse your used beverage cartons before placing it in your recycling bin. However, if you are on the go, as long as the beverage carton is empty, it is okay to place in your recycling bin. It is always better to rinse the used beverage cartons to ensure the beverage carton is emptied and to alleviate any potential odour and pest problems that may arise from storing your recyclables for collection.

What happens to beverage cartons after they are collected?

After the used beverage cartons are picked up from collection centres, they are taken to a dedicated beverage carton recycling facility owned and operated by KPT Recycle S/B. This is where beverage cartons are mixed with water in a gigantic blender (i.e. hydrapulper processing) to separate the paper fibre from the plastic and aluminium (PolyAl). The paper fibre is sent to a paper making facility, whereas the PolyAl is sent to a hot press facility. At the PolyAl hot press facility, the PolyAl is processed into flat panel boards. Grooves are inserted while the boards cool down (post-hot press) to create roof tiles.

Do recycled beverage cartons become new products?

Yes! The recycled beverage carton paper fibre and PolyAl are a valuable resource for making new products. What recycled beverage cartons become depends on the available recycling technology in the market. Some recycling facilities recycle beverage cartons into tissues, office paper, egg cartons and even wall boards. In Malaysia, beverage cartons are recycled into cardboard lining and PolyAl panel boards/roof tiles. By recycling, your beverage cartons are put back into business as the items you use everyday!

Is there a waxy coating on beverage cartons? Isn't that why they are difficult to recycle?

What you may see as wax on a beverage carton is actually a thin layer of polyethylene (plastic). Beverage Cartons are not difficult to recycle as long as the right systems are in place to do so, and we have the recycling facilities in place in Malaysia to do so.

What happens to the aluminum and plastic left over after the beverage carton recycling process in a paper mill?

The aluminum/plastic combination (PolyAl) material from the beverage cartons can be used in different ways, again depending on the available recycling technology in the market. Some recycling facilities use the material to generate energy; others sell it to plastic manufacturers that use them for lumber board-like materials. In Malaysia, it is made into PolyAl panel boards and roof tiles which are used in the construction and agricultural industries.

Why should I recycle beverage cartons?

Made mostly from paper, beverage cartons are a natural choice for recycling. Plus, they’re in great demand from companies that produce recycled paper products. The PolyAl technology in Malaysia also enables us to recycle the PolyAl component into new useful products such as roof sheets and panel boards. 

We believe that post-consumer recycling is an investment in our future. When recycled beverage cartons are given a new life, we protect natural resources, reduce climate impact and contribute to communities.

Who is Tetra Pak?

Tetra Pak is a world leader in packaging and processing solutions of food and beverage. Recycling is not our business, but it’s our business to make recycling work. We are committed to promoting and encouraging effective, widespread recycling programmes for used beverage cartons in Malaysia and across the globe. Tetra Pak acts as catalyst in the recycling value chain. We do not own or operate collection infrastructure and recycling plants, but cooperate with all key stakeholders including recyclers, waste management companies, public institutions and others. For more information on our efforts in beverage carton recycling, visit www.tetrapak.com.my.

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